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The aims of the workshop are to provide a forum for formal work in morphology and its interfaces to syntax and semantics, and to encourage links between more empirically-oriented morphologists and linguists working in formal models of grammar. We believe that such collaborations can have important, positive consequences. Morphologists can benefit from the added descriptive precision that comes with formal analysis. And in light of challenges brought to light through the careful study of a wider range of morphological phenomena, existing formal approaches can be extended, adapted, or perhaps even radically redesigned, to achieve a more adequate, complete model of grammar.

Topics of interest include:
- Analyses of phenomena at the interface between morphology and other linguistic dimensions (syntax, semantics, phonology).
- Discussions of phenomena that present a challenge to standard assumptions about the architecture of morphological systems.
- New analytical techniques in morphology and their formal specification.
- Analyses of morphological phenomena cast in formal and/or computational morphological frameworks, such as (but not limited to) Paradigm Function Morphology, Network Morphology, or Finite-State Morphology.
- Analyses of morphological phenomena cast in general-purpose formal frameworks, such as (but not limited to) Lexical Functional Grammar, Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar, or Categorial Grammar.
- Critical discussions of the adequacy of existing frameworks with respect to the treatment of morphology.

The workshop is co-located with the HPSG conference. However, no preference will be given to papers cast within the framework of HPSG.


Abstracts should be in PDF format and at most 5 pages long. The higher page
limit is intended to encourage detailed presentations of data and formal analyses.

We will use an online submission system. All abstracts should be submitted via:

Please direct any questions to the Program Committee Chair:

All abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers. Abstracts should not include the authors' names, and authors are asked to avoid self-references.


The workshop will take place immediately before the HPSG conference, and after a day of HPSG-related tutorials. For more information on the HPSG conference, see


Abstract submission deadline: February 28, 2010
Notification of acceptance: April 14, 2010
Workshop: July 8, 2010


Farrell Ackerman, Emily Bender, James Blevins, Olivier Bonami (chair), Dunstan Brown, Gilles Boyé, Berthold Crysmann, Bernard Fradin, Rob Malouf, Stefan Müller, Louisa Sadler, Pollet Samvelian, Andrew Spencer, Jesse Tseng, Gert Webelhuth