Delph-in Meeting (1-6 july 2010)

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The 2010 DELPH-IN ( Summit will take place immediately before HPSG in Paris. The Summit includes research presentations and discussions of on-going work at DELPH-IN sites.

We invite members of the HPSG community to attend the final day of presentations (6 July).  Schedule is available here:

The space available to us at the DELPH-IN meeting is limited. For practical reasons, we ask HPSG attendees who would like to participate on July 6 to pre-register, by emailing: summit -at- delph-in -dot- net.

Please note that there are two sites (see local information page for details)

From 1 to 4 july:

Universite Paris Diderot
30 rue du chateau des rentiers
75013 Paris

From 5 to 6 july:

Chicago center
6 rue thomas mann
75013 Paris