Workshop on morphology and formal grammar

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Paris, France (Maison de la recherche)

Thursday July 8

Invited speaker

Gregory T. Stump (University of Kentucky)
Paradigm templates and lexical representations


9h-9h10 Welcome
  Session chair: James Blevins
9h10-10h10 Invited talk
Gregory Stump (Kentucky)
Paradigm templates and lexical representations
10h10-10h50 Andrew Spencer (Essex)
Lexical relatedness and the lexical entry - a formal unification
10h50-11h10 Coffee Break
  Session chair: Gilles Boyé
11h10-11h50 Farrell Ackerman (UCSD) & Rob Malouf (San Diego State)
Paradigms: The Low Entropy Conjecture
11h50-12h30 Dunstan Brown (Surrey) & Roger Evans (Brighton)
Defaults and principal parts: an empirical investigation
12h30-14h Lunch Break
  Session chair: Jesse Tseng
14h-14h40 Delphine Tribout (Paris 7)
How many conversions from verb to noun are there in French ?
14h40-15h20 Smriti Singh & Vaijayanthi M Sarma (Bombay)
Hindi Noun Inflection and Distributed Morphology
15h20-16h Jean-Leo Leonard (Paris 3) & Alain Kihm (CNRS & Paris 7)
Stem formation in Chiquihuitlan Mazatec
16h-17h Coffee Break and poster session
  Session chair: Gert Webelhuth
17h-17h40 Berthold Crysmann (Bonn & Saarbrücken)
Discontinuous Negation in Hausa
17h40-18h20 Greville Corbett (Surrey)
Classic problems at the syntax-semantics interface: whose are they?